A new group, Central Queensland Soil Health Systems (CQSHS), has been formed in recognition that soil is much more than just somewhere to stand your crop. The CQSHS group believes that addressing soil health must take a systemic approach. Addressing one issue at a time is a lengthy procedure with resultant improvements from each trial often being too miniscule for farmers to warrant adaptation of changed farming practices. Farmer-driven research and trials can address multiple issues at any one time with multiple science disciplines working on the same project.The group is open to membership from all sectors of agriculture, farming, and grazing and the wider community.

Sugar Cane + Sunflowers Dual Crop

In this video, farmer Simon Mattsson from Mackay, Australia, describes briefly his early experiment in dual cropping with sugar cane and sunflowers, for soil health and biological diversity.

Simon Mattsson, Australian sugarcane farmer – Soil Health Trial

Simon Mattsson is a second generation sugarcane producer on the banks of the Pioneer River in Marian (Mackay, Australia).
Simon is passionate about soil health and has travelled the world as a Nuffield Agricultural Scholar to bring back new ideas to the farm.