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Sunset Symphony in the Sunflowers

Sunset Symphony in the Sunflowers
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The event will highlight multiple aspects of our diverse community including:

  • Engaging the Australian South Sea Island community during the 150th anniversary celebrations of South Sea Islander presence in Mackay
  • Bringing together a diverse range of people from education, business leaders, arts and agriculture.
  • Providing an engaging platform for in-situ education about soil health and its benefits to the environment (including the Great Barrier Reef through reduced chemical runoff)
  • Pointing to a positive future for regenerative agricultural practices in the region, whilst connecting families to farmers through arts and culture.
  • Celebrating the skills and talents of local performers and artisans
  • Inspiring a potential for other tourism opportunities for Mackay, which can then link to further education about good farming practices
  • Demonstrating an opportunity to socialise in a unique setting, engaging media and community


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