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These books are available for loan to members. Contact Jo Prior, Administration Assistant on 0427 760 467.

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Super Fine Lime Applicator for Hiring

“Calcium is the facilitator for all
nutrients going into and out of
the plant because of the impact
of this element on cellular
integrity and root development.
It is critical to plants for soil pH
control, as it influences nutrient
solubility and ultimately the
control of nutrient uptake in
the plant. Calcium can impact
soil structure by flocculating
clays (breaking them up into
flakes) therefore improving
water movement and aeration
in the soil.”

(The Art of Balancing Soil
Nutrients, William McKibben,

Super Fine Lime Applicator working on the paddock

The home engineered and built super fine lime applicator can be used for pasture and cane cropping applications.

For hiring of the unit, contact Ray Abela on 0428 761 324.